Student Spot Light #002 - Faazreen Mohammed

About Faazreen

Faazreen is a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Sacramento, CA. She always wanted to become a blogger and finally took the leap of faith in July of 2017. It took her awhile to find her niche but she soon realized that after blogging for about 6 months, she wanted to focus her blog on daily affordable fashion finds. She always had a creative outlook on affordable fashion and wanted to expand that into a platform for herself. Finding affordable clothing items to style and put together is something she takes a lot of pride in. She grew up on a tight budget and learned how to shop on one too. She loves to find unique and affordable pieces to style to create trendy looks. She works full time as a Project Coordinator for a healthcare company and does her blogging at night or weekends. In her free time, she enjoys finding some great restaurants to eat at, adorable coffee shops, shopping of course, and traveling. For now, Faazreen enjoys posting outfit of the day actions for all her viewers and letting them know about dupes for a name brand or expensive item. Blogging has helped Faazreen gain the self-confidence she always wanted to.


How has Mastery by Mal Helped SimplyFaaz?

Although my Instagram and blog was getting traffic, it was not getting the ideal engagement amount I wanted. I did everything, I changed my aesthetic, posted daily at a designated time, interacted with other bloggers for 2 hours daily and yet, I was still struggling with engagement. I was introduced to MBM by another blogger (Haley Rivers) who took the course and loved it. I was hesitant at first but decided that it could not hurt to try. I purchased the course and finished it in 2 days. Once I finished it, I started to put the techniques to use. I became consistent, I used the techniques about 6 times daily and my statistics started booming. I gained over 2,000 followers in one month and my engagement was the highest it had ever been. MBM helped my social media get so much more engagement and I was able to connect with more people who had similar interests. The best part of the course is being able to learn the techniques and to start doing it on your own time. At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to hit 10k followers by the end of the year and with MBM, I am so close to achieving that. I am so glad I discovered MBM!


Where did the idea for SimplyFaaz come from?

Simplyfaaz started as a way to represent my sense of style, simple. I love simple easy throw on fashion pieces that can be dressed up or down. I wanted to incorporate a part of my fashion sense into my blod/social media name and of course wanted to have my own name in it too.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day starts at about 5:00am. I wake up, engage on social media, respond to comments and check my email. From 7-330pm I am at my day job, so I am focused on that during those hours. After work, I usually run some errands, hit the gym for a good workout and then head home. Once I get home, I respond back to more blog/social media emails, unbox packages if I received any that week and catch up on more emails. I plan out my photos for the week that will be posted on my social media and write more blog posts.


How do you get new ideas and turn them into reality?

I have always been a very creative person, so I am getting new ideas constanstly. Most of the time, I will see different companies trending online or on social media so I send them an email asking if they would love to collaborate. Once the deal is set, I try to think of ways to style their products and where to shoot at. My favorite places to shoot at are cute coffee shops and places with a lot of plants. I love to incorporate a lot of greenery and colors in my photos. Most of time, I make a list of places I want to create content at and on the weekends I take time out to go check it out and shoot there. Sometimes, you just have to take that step or chance, it can be scary but you never know what kind can happen when you take a leap of faith.


What is one trend that excites you?

Not sure if this is a trend, but I love wearing dresses. I wear them year round, obviously layered in the fall and winter time. I have always been a girly girl, so dresses are my favorite things to wear. They are so easy to style up or down. I love them all!

What is one thing that separates you from others in your industry?

One thing that separates me from others in this industry is that I try to be as transparent with my followers as I can. I am not a girl who shops at Nordstrom or Macys all the time, even though that is completely okay. I do feel as though sometimes bloggers promote these high end brands without realizing that not everyone can afford those pieces. That is why I try to keep my fashion finds on a budget and affordable for everyone. There are so many stores and brands that have dupes to higher end products who get over looked sometimes. I try to be as honest as possible and try to let my followers know that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to look trendy or cute.

What advice would you give yourself a year before today.

Just do it! Quoting Nike. I wanted to start blogging about 3 years ago and I was so hesitant because I cared so much what others thought. I finally built up the courage and started blogging about a year ago, but I always look back and think, what if I had started back in 2015 like I wanted, I could have been so much bigger, or my brand could have been so much bigger by now. You will always have those type of thoughts in your head, however, you just have to realize that even if you didn’t start when you wanted to, you still started and that’s the most important thing. Don’t care so much what others say or think, do what you love, enjoy and what makes you happy and you will see just how amazing you feel once you do things for yourself.

Tell us something that’s your unpopular opinion

I don’t think shopping at Nordstrom or Macys is worth it.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business/blog?

One strategy that has helped me grow my blog is staying consistent. Constantly writing new posts and giving my readers/followers content that they want to see from me.

What is one failure you had while bringing your idea to life & how did you overcome it?

One failure I had was trying to be like everyone else. I started to notice myself duplicating other bloggers instead of doing my own thing. Once I started to create my own style/niche, I noticed I was getting more engagement. Like I said, I try to be very transparent with my followers and people love it when you are your true self.

What is unique marketing secret/idea you’re willing to give away to our viewers?

Be consistent, post daily & check your analytics.

What would you spend a random gift of $100 on?

Probably shoes.

What is one resource whether it be online or in person that you recommend to everyone and why?

Mastery by Mal, because it will help you achieve a higher engagement rate.


What is the one book that you recommend anyone in your industry should read and why?

Girl, wash your face. It’s about fighting against all odds and overcoming challenges to find your true self.

What is your favorite quote & why?

Always live your best life. Because that is exactly what you should always do.

How can we contact you?

Email :


Instagram: @Simplyfaaz

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