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Listen, in 2019 social media is a digital goldmine! If you have an online presence and not making money from it yet.. Well, why not? Whether you’re in sales, real estate, consulting, or entrepreneur selling your product/services, Instagram is a GREAT platform to increase your sales. Malorie, Founder & CEO here at Mastery By Mal went from $0-$6k/month in her personal sales in just 10 months. Malorie not only has earned sales for herself, but has helped set up affiliate training programs that have led to over 40k/month in sales with her company. All of this is done through her sales strategies through social media, more specifically, Instagram. No need for cold calling when you can cold message. Learn her sales cycle and process that she uses every single day!


Lets see if this is for you…

  • Are you struggling to get over a plateau?

  • Have you noticed your sales decreased recently?

  • Do you find yourself Googling how to sell on social media?

  • Are you selling a product/service but lacking sales or clients?

If you said yes to any of these, this course can be for you. With this course, Selling Online W/ Malorie Yagelski, you will be able to learn the exact sales tactics, cycles, and processes Malorie and her team use for selling products and services successfully online. These same strategies have been used the past 3 years and have been able to turn her dream job into her reality job. Malorie was able to skip out on the 9-5 altogether and went straight from college to Mastery By Mal full time. She started with just an hour a day extra, and grew her client base up rapidly! All it takes is consistency and understanding the sales cycles.

What does this course entail?

  • Step by step brainstorming to figure out your products / services to sell

  • A guide deciding the niche you will be selling to

  • Learning 4 unique ways to sell through Instagram and reach new people

  • Master the sales cycle and process Malorie personally uses to max out her client capacity

  • Get the inside strategies and tips from the very beginning contact all the way to the close

  • Understand the necessities of branding yourself and your business online


do you know what you want to sell?

So you want to go out and make your own money, but where do you start? What type of service are you going to provide? Do you even have anything that you can sell? Think about it, what is something that comes easy to you that may not for other people? To me, it was as simple as growing Instagram accounts. Are you a photographer, life coach, web designer, freelance creative, personal trainer, etc? The list really goes on and on, but the point is that you want to get your own money doing what you love, so do it. In my course, I am going to take you step by step through discovering what your services to provide should be and how you should price them out. Next, we are going to dive into unique ways that you can sell this service or product. Finally, we are going to dive into the most important part, how to sell. This A to Z course is going to take you from the bottom to top in no time, trust me. We can discover what you want to sell together, and from there the potential is endless.

No sales experience? No problem

Listen guys, this was me too. I was full-time college student with no sales experience, all I knew was that I wanted to somehow make my own money- and that’s exactly what I did. In the my last summer before college ended, I wanted to somehow make enough income on my own to have enough to cover my rent. I knew I was good at growing my own Instagram account, so I thought I could be good at doing it for others as well! With no sales experience EVER, I had a goal that I wanted to land 5 clients. Within my 3 month summer, I landed over 30 clients doing everything that I loved to do- growing Instagram accounts. It was really a dream come true to make money for myself, and not have to work extra hours to make ends meet. If I wanted more money, I would get it myself by landing a new client. No, this isn’t some dream land that I live in, it was my reality, and it can be yours too. That is exactly why I created this new course, to teach my strategies A to Z of how I got all my clients though Instagram, because I want you to do the same!


Frequently asked questions


Q: Do I have lifetime access like the other courses?

A: Absolutely! All of our courses are easy to watch, Netflix style courses that are instant an full access for life! Start and stop as you please.

Q: I’ve been doing sales for a long time, will this benefit me even though I’m already a professional?

A: Honestly, this course is helpful for anyone, even if you’re already a professional! What we teach may be new to you. Selling online is a process of it’s own and it’s important to understand those cycles to successfully sell online.

Q: How long is the course?

A: The course is about 30 videos long totaling right around 90 minutes. It’s quick, to the point videos!

Q: What’s the refund policy?

A: Unfortunately, with this being a digital product and Malorie giving out valuable digital information there is a no return policy on this course. However, if you purchased this course, and watched 0% of the videos (we can track it), you have 7 days of purchase date to get a return. If theres any more than 0% watched the sale is final.