What Is Mastery By Mal?

Mastery By Mal started back in April 2018 by Malorie Yagelski & Logan Buehrer.

Malorie and Logan have been growing hundreds of Instagram accounts organically and believe in the importance of educating others to show them how easy it is to do it themselves. 

We live in a world revolving around social media and digital marketing. We're always being sold on something. Oftentimes, it's difficult judging if our money is being put into the right services and gauging whether our investments will be worth it. 

With Mastery By Mal, we are here for you. We pride ourselves in organic marketing courses to teach individuals all over the world effective, efficient, and affordable ways to increase their Social Media & Brand growth.. 

What we say, we do because our goal is to get you to your goal.

It's our duty to provide our students with self-less, easy-to-contact instructors so you always are taken care of. Every single course offers unlimited text support, guaranteeing help when needed. And lastly, we are transparent. There are no hidden annual fees or monthly costs.

Our course instructors are hand-picked & love to help others. 

Your Social Media is a powerful way to connect with and inspire others. It can be used in ways you may not even realize. Let us help you reach your goals by organically growing your audience properly and effectively.


What is IG Growth Techniques?

In this course, author Malorie Yagelski dives into the most important part of Instagram Growth. The basics & fundamentals. Think of this as the engine to the car. Without it,  it's quite useless and not all that efficient. Malorie & Logan cover topics like - Organic Growth, Wave Campaigns, Best Times To Post, Analytics, Targeting(in detail) & more! In total it's roughly ~90 minutes long with ~37 short video lessons(Netflix style) to get you to your next growth benchmark. 

This is great for anyone who's been interested in learning how to grow their instagram account but just can't quite figure it out. We’ll show you how we are able to gain 1k+ followers each month with no difficulties at all. You will be gaining followers immediately. (real, quality and organic followers like you and I).  Lastly, you're going to get 6 weeks of personalized support to get you to your next goal, just shoot us a message and we'll be able to help. As well as lifetime access and general lifetime text support. 

With over 900 successful students in Mastery By Mal’s network, we’ve been able to create influencer networks and brand connections. We occasionally will send out opportunities for sponsored deals. While this isn’t guaranteed, it’s another outlet to apply to sponsorships. We are working around the clock to continue to innovate and create exciting new things for our students. You don’t want to miss this opportunity while the price is where it’s at!

If you’re really looking to step up your game, pair this with our Personal Brand Development course to save some money in the long run!



Access To IG Growth Techniques W/ Malorie Yagelski

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What Is Defining Your Personal Brand W/ Anna Vatuone?

Did you know 40% OF AMERICA’S WORKFORCE WILL BE FREELANCE BY 2020? How will you differentiate yourself from everyone else? Establish your personal brand by creating a strong, positive online presence to help stand out.

Ever wonder the steps it takes to establish your personal brand? Mastery By Mal is eager to announce designer and brand strategist, Anna Vatuone, has created a personal brand development course. You can craft your personal brand through this 8-chapter course! 

Learn things like:

  • How to Define Your Value & WOW Factor - section 2 video 4

  • Designing a Professional Mood Board - Section 2 video 5

  • Optimizing Your Profiles for Maximum Reach - Section 3 video 8

  • Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert - Section 4 Video 12 & more!

This is a great next step from learning how to grow your audience. Once you begin to receive traffic from growing your Instagram, building a solid brand to attract the proper individuals for your brand will be very important. When building a personal brand, it becomes a lot easier to target and understand the right demographic for your brand.

Enroll today or bundle with the IG growth course!



Access To Defining Your Personal Brand With Anna Vatuone

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Defining Your Personal Brand W/ Anna Vatuone

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