Creating & Editing Presets

With Shannon Maxwell

Have you ever thought to yourself “How do these travel bloggers make enough money to travel all over the place”? Shannon Maxwell, Author of this course creates an income for travel through her Lightroom presets. She creates new presets every time she goes on a new trip and has created a successful business out of her presets. In this course, Shannon will teach the basics of Lightroom, editing in Lightroom, creating presets, organizing your files and uploading to your website to sell. She’ll even give you some of her personal marketing tips that she uses to promote her sales.


understand lightroom

Forget the difficult learning curve and learn with Shan! It can be challenging learning new software, fortunately Shannon has years of experience with Lightroom and breaks it down for you in a simple to understand way.

She’ll teach you:

  • The different LR terms

  • Settings and easy shortcuts

  • Mobile and Desktop tips

learn how to create unique presets

The hardest part of creating a preset is getting the right tones and making the photo turn into your personal masterpiece. In this section of the course Shannon shows you her techniques on getting certain colors to pop out based on her desired theme. If the theme is beachy, she can turn the colors into popping blues that attract the audiences eye.


turn your presets into an income

Shannon has been able to create an entire business out of her Lightroom presets. She now has the luxury to work on the go whether she’s on a flight to Paris, or on a canal tour in Amsterdam. In the last year, she’s been to 8 countries, and 19 states. This upcoming semester, she’ll be doing it at sea and will be traveling to 13 different countries around the world while studying and maintaining her Lightroom preset business. Shannon is the ultimate travel blogger and cannot wait to share how she captures her traveling experiences turns them into profitable presets!

In this section you’ll learn:

  • How to create a system for selling your presets

  • Understand a little bit more on how to price your presets

  • Shannons personal marketing tips

  • & more!


Disclaimer: Adobe Lightroom for desktop does cost monthly. Fortunately it is only $9.99/month. Mobile however, is free



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About Your Author Shannon Maxwell

Shannon is a student at the University of Alabama studying film, photography & broadcasting. She loves photography, editing the photos she takes and frequently exploring the world in various ways. As someone who loves traveling the only way she was able to maintain the spontaneous trips while being a student was to take online classes. Unfortunately, traveling can be costly and university isn’t cheap either. Shannon leveraged her social media to create a source of income from her phone. Without it, theres no way she would be able to turn her passion for traveling into a reality. Shannon uses her Instagram as an outlet to sell her mobile Lightroom presets. Many aspiring travel bloggers are always wondering how she can live such a lifestyle and once Mastery By Mal offered the partnership it was something that Shannon has been wanting to do for her audience for quite some time now… so finally we’re happy to say you can learn the ins and outs of Shannons Lightroom preset business.



Does Adobe Lightroom Cost Money?

For Lightroom on Desktop it does cost money. The subscription is through adobe and theres multiple plans. You can view their plans The plan starts at $9.99/month for Lightroom. The Mobile lightroom app however, is free.

Does this teach me how to create a website?

This does not teach you how to build or design a website. Shannon does talk about different website solutions so that way you can host and sell your presets online easily.

What exactly am I going to get out of this course?

You will learn how to create, edit, and set your presets up for sale. Shannon will show you her unique editing techniques via Lightroom desktop AND mobile. She’ll show you how to export the files so they can be easily uploaded to a website to sell. She’ll teach you how she sells her presets and automatically fulfill the orders.

How long is the course?

The course is about an hour long. Netflix style.