Podcast #004- Influencer Marketing w/ Jaiden Gross

In episode #004, we are very excited to bring in one of our business mentors, Jaiden Gross, and talk to him about all things Influencer Marketing. Jaiden’s Instagram expertise is far from none, as he has been able to run multiple businesses that have worked with some of the largest influencer brands in the world. He has been able to helps accounts grow from from 0-1 million followers in less than 8 months, and increasing engagement by actually understanding the psychology behind an influencer.

In this podcast, Malorie and Logan talk with Jaiden about a list of the most popular influencing questions that gets asked from the source itself- YOU GUYS! Some of the topics we include tips on understanding the data behind your audience, pitching brands, engagement rates, viral content, hashtags, and so much more…

Give this one a listen, you will not be disappointed!

All our best,

Malorie and Logan

Malorie Yagelski