Podcast #003 - Staying Motivated As Entrepreneurs

Episode #003 we will talk about staying motivated, keeping up with daily tasks and prioritizing your to-do list. Just some ways Logan & I stay motivated and complete our day to day without feeling stressed and exhausted. Remember, work smarter - not harder. The stigma is that if you want to become an entrepreneur be prepared to work 100 hour work weeks, and that’s not true. The goal is not to work that hard, the goal is to build something and build systems that reduce your work week hours. When we first started, we definitely put in many hours, but the more we built and the better we learned our skills we were able to create systems that reduced the hours spend on those tasks by automating it or hiring out.

Don’t be afraid to hire to help scale. One of biggest issues with business owners is that they get completely burned out and lose interest because of how exhausted the project may have made them. Work smart, work less while doing more.

Peace & love,

Mal & Logan