Mastery By Mal


We know what you are thinking…

You have seen these programs before and are wondering if they work.

Trust us, we get it, but we have 900+ students who want to share their story with you. We won’t just tell you to post amazing content because we all know that growing a platform is much more than that.

We Will Tell You:

✓ How often to post

✓ Wave campaigns

✓ Hashtags

✓ How to use the Instagram tools like IG stories, to get more people to see your work

✓ And tons more!


About Mal

Mal loves to travel and create the perfect outfit, but she is not your average 21-year-old, she is a successful female entrepreneur. She did not always know this would be her career, though, like many college students, she struggled with discovering her road to success. Through self-reflection and hands-on-experience, she realized she knew exactly what her strength was: she was a social media genius.

For the last two years, Mal, a digital marketing guru, has been teaching her clients how to make social media and other digital marketing platforms, a part of their business. Mal realized from her cozy home in Ohio, that beyond her current clients, were thousands of students around the globe who did not have the simple tools to growing a business.

Mal’s first goal to teaching the world about digital marketing? Creating an online course to help students solve the mystery of growing a following on Instagram.

Thus, the Instagram growth techniques course was born.


If any of these are you….

Your content deserves to be seen, and we want to help make it happen

A self proclaimed business owner, entrepreneur, or influencer

A hard worker in athletics, modeling, blogging, or traveling

Working yourself to death with awesome content but still struggling to gain followers

Have had the same engagement for months and are just not sure what else you can do

Study the analytics but still cannot see how it relates to your following

Then this product is exactly what you need to give your Instagram the boost it deserves.


Think about this...

You no longer have to worry about how to reach out your favorite brands because they are reaching out to you. Now your favorite Instagrammers are reaching out to you and saying they love how far you’ve come with your Instagram. The followers you have acquired are real and organic; they are your support system.

Using the Mastery by Mal Instagram Growth Techniques, you no longer have to wonder how to get these results.


The Instagram Growth Techniques course includes:



Group 8.png


Group 9.png



Best of all, week-day support from the Mastery by Mal team!



Hear it from the Instagrammers themselves:


If you are thinking “This is 100% for me, where do I get started?”

Say No More!
Let Us Give You The Steps To The Program


Click “Get started”, purchase the Instagram Growth Techniques course, and wait no more than 15 minutes for your email from Mal with your login information.


Log in to your course and schedule time to complete your 90-minute video lessons. Don’t stress if you cannot complete it all at once! You can come back to the course at any time to complete it.  


Plan a time that works for you to schedule your 15-minute welcome call with a member of our student success team.


Grow your Instagram each day in only 5-10 minutes!


Learn. Engage. Grow


So What Will All Of This Cost You?

All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated


A Single Payment Of



Or Two Payments Of



The most common questions we hear are: 

Will this help my engagement to?

Yes, of course! Majority of our students see a 5-20% engagement increase their first month.

Is this for me?

Are you struggling getting more followers? Have you hit a plateau and not gaining any engagement? Is the 'algorithm' beating you down? Are you a blogger, model, athlete, business owner, entrepreneur, influencer, network marketer, consultant, avid traveler? Do you have an extra 5-7 minutes per day? If this sounds like you, then... well.. it might be for you.

What am I going to get with my purchase?

Well within the course you'll receive we teach a variety of topics. From helping you with knowing the best times to post, frequency of posting, understanding insights, wave campaigns, intro to hashtags, a couple of unique ways to engage, learning IG stories & more. Not to mention, you get access to our exclusive FB group, welcome call with our student success team, week-day text support, and 4 weeks of strategic support. Just reach out to @masterybymal for any questions!

What if I already have a lot of followers and great engagement?

Well, we would like to believe that this is more of a beginner course. Our techniques are a great way to kickstart you from 0-15k. We like to say this is a fundamental course that anyone stuck under 10k followers should take.

How soon will I see results?

We've heard of students see results as soon as an hour after starting the course and implementing the techniques taught.

What kind of support do you guys offer?

Week-day general support with 4 weeks of strategic support!

What is a wave campaign you talk about?

I'm sure you've heard of the old fashioned follow/unfollow. You probably heard or know from experience how bad of a technique it can be. While that once was true, and those methods received a horrible reputation from twitter spam, and then IG AI bots, things have changed. There's ways to actually turn the old-fashioned follow/unfollow into a strong method. Like a wave, followers continue to come in. Waves are strong, and you can fight the ocean wave no matter how hard you try. When we teach wave campaigns we make sure we teach it in depth to ensure high quality, organic followers. No fake, no AI robots, no spam. But we'll cover that and much more...

What is your refund policy?

As the product is a digital purchase, once a purchase has been made, the only time a refund will be issued is if 0% of course material has been viewed and the product was sold at full price. Discounted sales are not eligible for refunds at any time. Unfortunately with digital goods, and Malorie & Logan providing information and value, that value and information cannot be returned. In order for this to be complete it must be within 7 days of purchase.

How soon will I be able to access?

The course will be sent to you within 15 minutes of purchase, you'll also receive a welcome email. Within this email you'll register for the course by submitting a name, and password to login with. You'll be able to do this from your phone or your laptop! If you don't receive this within 15 minutes, you'll want to reach out to us @masterybymal so we can check out that. Also, you're going to get lifetime access!

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