In April of 2018, Mal and Logan were sitting in their Columbus apartment, clients maxed, time filled, but still hungry to teach more people about social media and digital marketing. Before Mastery By Mal began, Mal was a college student studying communications. Like everyone else, she struggled with knowing what to do with her future. Then Logan came into the picture; a freelance digital marketing entrepreneur who fell in love. Little did they know that their relationship would effortlessly stir into a business partnership.

Now, don’t let the whole “business partnership relationship” fool you, Mal and Logan are just like you. They love to travel, take photographs, and help people, which is exactly why they are perfect for your career. See, Logan can work from virtually anywhere in the world off his phone or laptop – essentially living the dream of many digital marketing wannabes. Mal put her hand in the race and was instantaneously equipped with new clients allowing her to stay energized and live a fulfilling dream throughout and after college.

Through their work they realized there were still people like you out there who needed their help. Mal describes that it was the fact that there were so many people who could just take her current job as a digital marketing consultant. She recognized the fact that she was valuable in other ways to her students. There was a key difference to Mal of what soon would become Mastery By Mal: she could be there for a larger group of students every step of the way, instead of a small group. As cliché as that may sound, that is exactly what Mastery By Mal is, a leading figure in your business and a guide to all your digital marketing questions. Mal and Logan literally preach the fact that their goals are your goals.

The difference from other courses that are similar, stems further in their promise for a welcome call with the purchase of one of their courses. Still the help does not stop there. Mal and Logan also promise a lifetime of help and serving. Who knew believing in your brand could be so easy? It is time to invest in yourself, why don’t you start here?

OUR MISSION: To provide each and every individual with the proper tools to success so they can achieve greatness within their social media platforms.  We do this through a variety of digital courses and consulting services that help others be successful in all that they do. Our goal is to get You to Your goal.